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Ekemini Mark
Ekemini Mark Updated

Design Legalities

We've worked on projects where we had to sign NDAs to. How do you cope with designing such projects and making sure you stick to not flawing the agreement, especially when you don't hold intellectual property to the design you made. What are your tips?

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Owen Hughes
InVision ambassador Owen Hughes , ambassador Edited

I've had to do this fairly recently with a client. It was incredibly ridged. I couldn't tell my own team what I was working on, even my own line manager. Myself and a designer on the client side got put in an isolating room to work on the project which needed to be locked every time we both left it. 

The best thing is just not to talk about it with anyone that hasn't signed the NDA. Chances are you'll get people curious about it and really want you to tell them but in my experience its in jest and they'll respect the NDA. 

Depending on your contractual situation you generally dont own the IP of things you create anyway, that more often than not belongs to the company you work for. So its best to just represent their best interests, which includes not speaking of it outside of those who have also signed it. 


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