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Tom Harrington Tom Harrington

Toolbar missing

Hi there,

I'm having an issue where the toolbar is missing on my document. Please see the screenshot:



If I make a new document, the toolbar is back. Copying and pasting all artbaords into a new document is a workaround that works.



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Monika R.
InVision ambassador Monika R., InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hiya Tom,

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community and we're sorry that you're having trouble with your Studio file! As a first step, can you please try re-installing Studio?

If that doesn't help, let us know. We'll then spin up a ticket for you to investigate your file in case it's corrupted.

Look forward to hearing back!



Tom Harrington
InVision ambassador Tom Harrington , ambassador
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Hi Monika,

The issue still persists after a reinstall – thanks for your help though :)



Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Thanks for attempting to reinstall as Monika suggested, Tom. Sorry to hear that this still isn't working for you.

Our Support team has been able to replicate this issue in the past. We have been able to restore the tool bar by pressing cmd + .​ (command and the period key)

This is the keyboard shortcut for presentation mode, but this mode isn't listed in the view menu, so I can see how it would be confusing to undo this if this shortcut is pressed by accident. 

Please try this keyboard shortcut and let me know if this brings the toolbar back for you. I'll look forward to your reply!




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