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Ekemini Mark
Ekemini Mark Updated

Unicorn Designers - Would you hire one?

We are slowly moving into an era where we have designers that can handle Brand Design, UI, UX, Research, and even Motion. Most people call this set of designers Unicorns (still thinking of the concept behind the usage of this animal). Would you hire a Unicorn designer to your team or more specialized designers? If you are one, how are you able to gain mastery of all this facets of design? Let's hear!

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FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa
InVision ambassador FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa , ambassador

Interestingly, I am not so certain if I am one but I do know that I can do Brand design, UI, UX, can handle a couple of researches, do some little coding and I love animations and its associates.

I started off as a typical 'graphics designer' so it was initially for the fun of it. Dabbled in a lot of brand and motion designs albeit simple motion designs. No pressure to deliver any major design or strict deadline to meet. It was at my own pace and discretion so I learnt quite a diverse lot.

However, my first official job (paid job) came as a remote UI/UX designer and my recommender (a senior graphics designer that thought I had the skills but couldn't see it myself) was like you know UI is basically visual and UX is just research and I so fell hard for it.
Getting the job, I had to speed up learning and reach a benchmark for UI and UX designer approval. Was challenging but was fun all the way.I had quite a number of resources so it kinda reduced the stress by some 10-20%. Afterwards, I started learning a bit of coding because its fun too and I can have more impact on how my prototypes turn out.

To the question, I actually had the notion that every UI/UX designer can do all of those (branding, UI, UX, animations). I might be wrong but if that isn't the norm then I don't mind hiring one.


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