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Michael Casalinuovo

Nexus 10 bottom nav overlaps UI causing scrolling

There is option for preventing tool bar form over-lapping the screen "My design starts below the status bar"

However, when I use a Nexus 10 display device in landscape mode, no such option is available for the bottom navigation bar, and the bottom navigation bar overlaps my UI forcing me to scroll.

I'm curios if a feature like "My design starts below the status bar" could be added e.g. "My design ends above the bottom navigation bar" because I think it's basically a feature that is missing (?), and one cannot see my footer on the app without scrolling, and if I put the footer above the nav bar, there will still be a scroll.

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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador
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Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear that you're running into issues with your prototype displaying properly on your Nexus 10 device. To get a better idea of what's going on here, can you please provide some additional information?:

  1. How did you create your prototype (ie. Sketch and synced with Craft)?
  2. Can you please provide a screencast or screenshot(s) displaying the issues that you're seeing?
  3. Are you viewing your prototype on your Nexus 10 in the InVision mobile app or in a mobile browser?
    3a. If on the app, what version are you running?
    3b. If in a mobile browser, can you please provide your browser details found here?
  4. Can you please provide your mobile device's operating system details?

Look forward to hearing from you,



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