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InVision ambassador ambassador
Katharina Tiedemann
Katharina Tiedemann Updated

SVG Files - Some vector graphics appear only as png files in DSM

I uploaded logo graphics and icons. In sketch both are vector graphics. On DSM the icons can be downloaded as svg file, but the logos only as png. What can i do,to get both to svg file in DSM?

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Jeremy Bauer
InVision ambassador Jeremy Bauer , ambassador

Hi Katharina,

Thank you for posting in Community with this great DSM question! Are the logos that are only downloading as .PNG files located in Icons or Components in your DSM library?

Looking forward to your response, Katharina!


Ayla Morag
InVision ambassador Ayla Morag , ambassador

Hey, I have a similar but different issue. 
any asset I upload to the "icons" files, is downloaded as svg, 
but any other asset I upload (like to the "Main components file) can not be download AT ALL. 

I would like to understand 2 things:

1. Are only assets uploaded to the "icons files" be downloaded?

2. How / and is there a way to make them png files to download?

* I am working with a team, (not just developers), and I would like them to have one place to download all brand assets. 


Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Ayla,

Thanks for reaching out here in Community and for opening a ticket with our Support team!

  1. Currently, it's only possible to download items uploaded to the Icons folder in DSM. Our Product team is tracking interest in the ability to download icons/components regardless of which folder or category in DSM they are uploaded to. If you'd like me to add your interest for this potential feature, please let me know and I'll get a ticket opened on your behalf.
  2. As your Support agent mentioned in your ticket, DSM only supports the download of library icons saved in the Icons folder in SVG format. The download option is not available for other formats. It looks like you have been linked up to the feature request for the ability to download icons in different formats (svg, jpg, png, pdf...) from the DSM web view. 

Hope this helps!


InVision ambassador Anamaria , ambassador



I have quiet of the same issue. I created a symbol (vector) in Sketch but when I sync with the DSM, it saved it  as PNG. What can I do? 

Anita Iles
InVision ambassador Anita Iles , ambassador


I have the same request as  Ayla. I would like our various teams (design, dev, brand, business) to all have access to one place for all design assets. Some assets like logos get shared repeatedly and not always the correct/best quality is shared. We need one place for all our assets and design elements.

The ability to download in your file type of choice would be great as well e.g. Dev's might want svg, while brand wants a .png or .jpg.




Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Anita,

Thanks for reaching out to our Community today!

Just to clarify, are you specifically referring to DSM, or if rather a general solution for assets? 

If you're speaking more generally rather than about DSM in particular, you might find Inspect mode and the Assets tab helpful. 

You can read more on this here: 

I hope this information is helpful, but if you have any additional questions regarding assets or DSM, please let us know. 



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