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Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams Updated

When is Research Enough?

We all know how important research is, when it comes to design process but when do you say enough research - let's move on....Or does research never stop?

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Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
InVision ambassador Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa , ambassador Edited

Hi Caleb

Great question and I find a lot of UX Designers asking the same, especially recently funny enough. 

I like to explain it as research is a process of elimination or validation of ideas and assumptions. When you view it in this manner, it becomes simple when to start and when to end. As with all things, it begins with a goal, idea or assumption(s) that needs validation and confirmation. 

Research is the foundation that guides and allows people to make design decisions — a crucial fundamental ingredient in the creative process.

When is it enough? When there are no other assumptions or questions that need to be validated or proven to close the loop. At which point you can move forward, but again, this all depends on what problem, assumptions or perceptions you are trying to identify to be true or false. 

A suggestion is to identify a matrix for your research, and what it is you need to accomplish and validate.

Be clear and concise in what you want to accomplish.  

Research is awesome! 


If you or anyone is interested in understanding more about Research, here is a link to DesignTalks: UX Research from InVision. 



Caleb Williams
InVision ambassador Caleb Williams , ambassador

"When there are no other assumptions or questions that need to be validated". Well explained Mikele! 


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