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Owen Hughes
Owen Hughes Updated

Knowledge outside of work

As professionals we all have alot of knowledge we can share. 

I was wondering is there anything unique that we all do to share that knowledge? 

The usual/most common would be talks and sharing on here. 

I myself also go on stack exchange too. 


What does everyone else do outside of work?


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Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
InVision ambassador Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa , ambassador Edited

Hi Own

Great topic. Maybe not so unique, but with me, I share knowledge outside of work through meetups or conferences whether I am a speaker or attendee.

Have not done this in a while but thoroughly enjoy it.

I also find that I am sharing knowledge a lot in just general conversations. Even with people not in the same industry as I am in or job. Can have the most fascinating convos.

Another way for me is via some Slack channels I am blessed to be included in. This is also an excellent alternative for those that are not into meetups or public forums.

Ekemini Mark
InVision ambassador Ekemini Mark , ambassador

Sharing knowledge at conferences and design events as a speaker and making tutorials works for me atimes.
You necessarily do not have to speak at events, you can even organize one, get attendees and speakers together, indirectly you've shared knowledge.

We mostly have techies around us as friends, and we forget the others who are not in the tech field, regular meets and talks with them talking about your field and how it affects their work too would be knowledge sharing.

Owen Hughes
InVision ambassador Owen Hughes , ambassador

Love these answers! Thanks for sharing them. 

I tend to do less physically public things like conferences as I find them really nerve racking! Instead I try to contribute to online communities such as here and Stack Exchange and the different accounts I have on there to help people with specific problems they have from UX to things like pets!



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