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FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa

Career Transition

I am currently transitioning in my career and focusing more on UI/UX.

I worked remotely for a startup but now I want to move on and get more experiences.

I'm writing here to gather everyone's advice in pursuing a UI/UX position and any UI/UX career tips.

I'm also trying to figure out if I fit into a junior level or mid level designer role. What do you think establishes a junior designer from the next step up?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Kayode Osinusi
InVision ambassador Kayode Osinusi , ambassador
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Hey Wurah,

Based on experience, becoming a UI/UX is more of a passion thing, because if you’re passionate and determined you can become anything you set your heart on.

Taking a professional course will help, self development is key because you have to constantly push yourself and break barriers. The more work you do, the better the experience.

Also, you’ll need to make google your favourite teacher :grinning: it has answer to almost any question you might have regarding UI/UX.

Being a junior, mid or senior is more of experience, what you’ve done in the past or doing currently, how you’ve tackled design challenges, ability to strategize and not just design interfaces and your design thinking approach. It goes on and on but I believe the more experience you have and the type of problem you’ve solved will position you as either a senior, mid or junior level designer.


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