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Bug Reports & Missing Features

Been using Studio for the first time today for a few hours and came across these various issues/bugs.

  1. I can’t do select all (cmd+a) in artboard size inputs.
  2. Every time I paste text directly into the artboard from the web it gets pasted to the top left of the artboard instead of in the centre of the current view.
  3. Pasting text from the web overwrites text formatting and changes font size etc.
  4. No option to paste with blank formatting (cmd+shift+alt+v in sketch).
  5. I had to restart Studio to make sure my fonts loaded in the animation preview.
  6. Can’t scroll within the play animation preview window by default).
  7. When saving - clicking the down arrow for file browser view required me to cancel the save and re-save to see the file browser.
  8. Paste in place (this should allow you to paste a layer on a new artboard in the exact same place as previous artboard).
  9. When centering two objects it should place the smaller one on an even pixel and give the option to offset to a sub-pixel.

Hope some of these can be fixed/implemented in the next version.




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Ella B
InVision ambassador Ella B , ambassador Edited
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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for all your feedback in regards to Studio! We'll do our best to answer each point.

  1. I see what you're seeing with the artboard size input and not being able to utilize cmd+a here. In this case, I'd like to create a ticket on your behalf and have our Support team to investigate. One of our support agents will be in touch as soon as they are available. 
  2. Currently, Studio is designed to have text pasted in the top left corner rather than in the center. But I'm happy to open a separate ticket to track your interest for this to have it in the center instead.
  3. Pasting text with blank formatting is another feature request that is being considered by our Product team, and I'll be sure to open another ticket to track your interest for this as well.
  4. This sounds similar to the feature request I've noted above in #3. If what you've described here in different from that feature, can you please provide some additional details on the desired behavior you're alluding to here?
  5. Please bear in mind that if you wish for your font to display in Studio, you'll want to first add the specific font to your computer's font book. Once added, the new font should display as an option in the font dropdown in Studio. As you've discovered, you may need to restart Studio if the font doesn’t show up right away for you. I apologize for any disruption this might be causing in your workflow.
  6. Please note that scrolling must be enabled in order to have scrolling in preview. You can enable scrolling by going to your artboard and selecting from the Scrolling drop down menu from the Preview section on the right side.
  7. Could you please send us a screencast showing this behavior? 
  8. Pasting in place is yet another feature request that our team is monitoring, and I'll be sure to open another ticket to track your interest for this.
  9. Would you mind sharing a screencast of this behavior as well? 

Having screencasts for #7 and #9 would really be helpful for us to determine what can be done from our end. Looking forward to your reply!




InVision ambassador Jamie , ambassador
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Hi Ella,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, great support as always! Sorry, it was a bit of a brain dump as I knew I'd come across some bugs, so I took notes to hopefully help your team out (although I did imagine these would have been raised already). I really liked using studio and would use it as my every day design app if these features we fine tuned/implemented.

Thanks for setting up various tickets. I'll keep an eye out for new releases with the suggestions.

You're right, if point 4 was fixed it would also fix point 3.

I can't replicate point 7 again - it may have been an issue as it was the first time saving a file within Studio or it was just my machine. Seems to be working ok now which is good.

See this link here to a video of point 9 - it would be great if it didn't force objects onto sub-pixels as it can cause some icons to become pixelated or image to have blurry edges in preview. The option to decide Non-even pixel or Even pixel distribution would be great (or simply force it to the nearest round pixel).

Hope this all helps!





Michael S
InVision ambassador Michael S, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hi Jamie,

You're most welcome! Thanks so much for the clarification on point 9.

Great news! This is actually a feature that our Support and Product teams are already tracking interest for. I will open a ticket on your behalf to track your interest for this potential feature. Please keep an eye out for an email indicating that we’ve formally tracked your feedback.

Let us know if you have any other feedback, or if there is anything else we can do to help for now!

Have a great day,


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