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Kayode Osinusi
Kayode Osinusi Updated

UX design framework

Over the years, UX design is becoming more and more popular and many junior designers struggle with solving UX design problems. 

Having a framework to work helped me in my journey as a UX designer and I hope what I'm about to share will be helpful to someone in their UX journey.

Here is a cheat sheet I usually use to solve UX problems.

  • Why is this product or feature important?
  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • How does does it benefit the users?
  • What business opportunity does it create?
  • Who are the audience?
  • Understand the where and when (context)
  • List ideas
  • Prioritise and choose the most realistic idea
  • Then start solving: Storyboarding, defining the task, sketching, wireframe, user flow, user journey etc.

Framework can’t perfectly fit every task, so use your judgement as to when to apply it. 


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