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Kayode Osinusi
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Newbie - Ways to import Sketch file into Invision Studio

Hello everyone,

Are you new to Invision Studio and have been wandering if you can import your sketch files into Invision Studio.

The answer is yes you can and here are some few way to import.

  • With a keyboard shortcut: ⌘⇧O
  • Via File » Import… (from the menu)
  • By dragging a Sketch file into Studio
  • By choosing a file from the file list (welcome screen)
  • By clicking “Open Studio or Sketch file” (welcome screen)
  • By copying Sketch objects into Studio (works with Symbols too

With the above methods, you can open and work on your sketch files in Invision Studio and do everything you'd normally do with a native Studio file.

I hope this helps someone out there. 

Cheers to using Studio for your designs.

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