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Dan Jordan

Scrolling in preview

Hi there, 

I seem to be having trouble scrolling in preview. I'm using the latest version of Studio and the I'm using Catalina. It just seems to freeze for a few seconds and then scroll. I've noticed it across a range of different projects now and it doesn't look good when I'm showing designs to people in my team.

I've gone into the Activity monitor and it says the program is using 2 GB which will probably be something to do with it. It's not like my prototypes have got a lot of imagery or anything, just a few vectors. Is there any way around this?



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Monika R.
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Hi Dan,

Thanks for getting in touch here in our Community and I'm sorry to hear that Studio freezes for you! That's definitely not an expected behavior and we'll do our best to find out why that is. As a first step here, could you please try quitting Studio via Activity Monitor and then relaunching it from your Applications folder? Do you notice any improvements?

If that doesn't help, please provide us with a few additional details so we can better understand what might be the issue there:

  1. Where exactly do you experience freezing? Is it in the Studio app itself/in the Preview mode in Studio/when mirroring to your mobile device/when viewing the published prototype, etc.?
  2. Can you please send us a screenshot of the About This Mac overview? (click the Apple icon > About This Mac)
  3. Which version of Studio are you currently on?
  4. Could you provide a screen recording demonstrating the freezing behavior when scrolling?

Look forward to hearing back!



Kayode Aliyu
InVision ambassador Kayode Aliyu , ambassador
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Hello, I'm having a similar problem, I cant scroll vertically in my preview mode even after initiating the command. It was working fine at the start but after i changed my artboard size, it stopped scrolling vertically in the review. Pls what can i do?






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