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Owen Hughes
Owen Hughes Updated

Designer test

Building on from my question here:

Someone mentioned that testing designers is a good way to judge skills. 

What do people think to testing designers? 

My personal opinion on having done tests is I loathe them but respect why they're there. Being on the receiving end of them its alot of effort for (potentially) not alot of return.

Here in the UK its often that when you get a job you get a 3 or 6 month probation period where you can be dismissed without reason with very little notice if things arent working out (its rare that this occurs). So if you test a designer Id like to see the probation period down to 3 months rather than 6, but this again rarely happens. 

What are peoples thoughts?

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Kayode Osinusi
InVision ambassador Kayode Osinusi , ambassador Edited

I totally agree with you Owen, If after a test you decide to hire me, the probation period should be reduced to 3 months or less. Sometimes you wonder if taking the test is worth it after all. I think this will eventually happen in years to come. There are companies that put you on 3 months probation, but again as you emphasised, they are very rare.

FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa
InVision ambassador FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa , ambassador

Using Nigeria as a context, I really do not agree totally with the idea of testing designers. I''m not against it but what will be the essence of me trying to prep up my CV, creating a portfolio and putting my best works on it and still have to be tested?

I could pretty much just put it in my CV that I am a designer and all you need is to put me on probation or schedule a test for me so I could convince you.

I think once there is a requirement for CV and portfolio, no test or probation is necessary. Why? If my CV and portfolio don't convince you and maybe my interview don't convince you, there's high chances it'll be harder convincing you.

However, if there is a test, I think its fair to not be on probation of more than 3 months.


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