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Prototype screens sizes

What is the best suitable size/scale for the prototype screens (pc Website version) ? Thank you

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Owen Hughes
InVision ambassador Owen Hughes , ambassador
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Hi Karim, 

There is alot of variables that could influence this. 

Generally, I design to what the most common screen is for the product designing for. You can likely get this via analytics or find out some information that can steer decisions in there as to what devices people are on. 

Failing that, I go with something like 1280px/1440px width just so its a bit of a middle ground for screen resolutions sizes, although this size is becoming ever more popular with the continuing development of screen resolutions. 

Something to consider though, is that if this exceeds your screen (or any screens you want to test on) you may need to make adjustments either via your prototype sizes or via the auto size setting in InVision. 

Hope this helps!




Kayode Osinusi
InVision ambassador Kayode Osinusi , ambassador
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Hi Karim,

Just as Owen suggested, there could be a lot that influences size/scale for prototype screens. The size of your prototype screen is largely dependent on your artboard size. Usually when you open Studio, there are some screen sizes you can choose from. I usually use 1440px for the width when designing for desktop. The height could be as long as you want depending on what you're working on. 

Make research to see what works for you. 

Hope you'll find this helpful as well.




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