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What the new ways for an efficient / time saving design work

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Owen Hughes
InVision ambassador Owen Hughes , ambassador

Hi Rula, 

There are quite alot of ways to answer this fairly broad question but here are a few things that I've learnt in my career so far:



Using things like Sketch symbols and Studio components are super helpful in making potential tedious changes happen quickly. Simply making the change once and it appear everywhere is still to this day mind blowing to me. 



An open channel to a client/stakeholder is key. Getting questions answered quickly in order to progress and not be blocked can make the design process seamless. There are some questions that can be asked in advance but there are some that just need answering there and then. Joined slack channels with clients are great for this and on the spot questions that need answering.

This of course wouldn't work if the client isn't always available or able to answer questions quickly so they may need convincing of why this is needed. 



Giving a design team autonomy and not micromanaging them is incredibly valuable. Letting them make their own decisions and in some cases letting them make mistakes and take ownership of them. Having every last little detail go through a sign off process is painstaking. Trust in designers pays off. Having to ask permission for everything doesn't. 


Knowledge in the project

Knowledge of the project or product you're working on. Knowing it well lets you have the background to make design decisions quickly and know the rationale and thinking behind them. Without knowing it you start to ask alot of questions, contradict previous thinking and rationale or get things wrong.


There are probably way more that I could think of after I post this answer which ill add, and im sure there are other members of this community that will add more, these are merely just the top things that I find help my efficiency in design work. 

Hope these help






Ekemini Mark
InVision ambassador Ekemini Mark , ambassador

File arrangements and sorting.
How you arrange project files would determine how smoothly you navigate through a project...

Proper labelling and grouping would do the trick. If this is something you'll like to learn more about, leave a reply 🙂


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