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Michael Bruny-Groth Michael Bruny-Groth

Looking to Level Up My Design Software Coding Knowledge

Hello Everyone!

I'm the creator of an extension for Adobe Illustrator that streamlines the process of exporting, naming, and sorting logos into a final package for the client.

I'm posting because I would eventually like to move this concept over to a standalone app or Progressive Web App. I need to be able to process vector artwork and apply different colors and color libraries to the artwork. It would be nice to make selections of certain parts of the artwork as well, and apply those selections as different components of a logo (mark, type, tagline).

Obviously, right now, Illustrator does all of this for me. What technologies do you think I might need to perform the visual functions of an app like this? Is there anyone on this forum who worked on Studio and has some general wisdom to share?

I deeply appreciate any guidance anyone may be able to provide on these subjects.


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