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Anmol Kanchan
Anmol Kanchan Updated

Syncing changes/updated components to sketch file

Does DSM allow sync components back to the sketch file?
Say, I updated some components from one sketch file to DSM and want to update the same components in another sketch file.
Is there any way I can update the components directly from DSM?


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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Anmol,

Thanks for following up about this. I now see what you're trying to accomplish. As you've discovered, you are only able to rename or delete the color at this time. Currently, the only workflow to update a color is to delete the selected color and re-select the appropriate color.

However, the good news is that we're currently tracking interest for the ability to change/edit/modify a selected color within a color palette for DSM Library. With this feature, users shouldn't lose any existing descriptions already associated with the color. 

I will open a ticket on your behalf to track your interest for this. Please keep an eye out for an email confirming that we've formally tracked your need for this.



If anybody else would like to add their feedback about this potential feature, please fill out a ticket with Support here detailing the feature you are looking for.

Ashima Sood
InVision ambassador Ashima Sood , ambassador Edited

Hi Anmol,

Yes, DSM does allow for this! If you have used the same DSM library on both files and have the authority to roll out the updated version to the team it should sync right away. (Check out information about roles and permissions here)

Here's a note you should keep in mind: "In order for components to update, they must first be defined as symbols in Sketch. To push changes for non-symbol components or other elements, drag and drop each item from your DSM library to your file."

You may double check and make sure that you have the latest version on the file you'd like to reflect the changes on. You can also find more information on how to manage your DSM library across files here.

I hope this helped. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us here!

Anmol Kanchan
InVision ambassador Anmol Kanchan , ambassador

Hi Ashima,

Thank you for the reply. This solution worked for me. I am able to sync layer styles, text styles and symbols to sketch file from DSM.

But, I am facing some challenges while updating colors. I would appreciate, if you can help me with that too. 
P.S. Currently, I am using 'Document colors' to store my color palette in sketch file. 

Thanks in advance! :) 

Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Sorry to hear that you're having some issues with updating your colors, Anmol. Are you performing the following steps to update your colors?:

  1. Open your Sketch file
  2. Click one of the colored squares in the fill to see the fill color in the right-side panel, then click this color to view the Document colors list.
  3. Open DSM via the Craft Plugin in Sketch.
  4. Click the Colors folder, then click the plus sign in the lower right corner of the DSM window to add new colors.
  5. Compare the order of the colors in the Add menu to the order they appear in Sketch in Document colors.
  6. Select multiple colors in a row to add. Then click Add Colors.

The colors should appear in DSM's plugin view and web view in the same order they appear in the Document colors list in Sketch. This is expected behavior. If this is not working properly for you, can you please provide some additional information to get a better idea of what's going on here?:

  1. The version of Sketch that you're using
  2. The version of Craft Manager that you're running
  3. The version of DSM that you're running
  4. Are you receiving any error messages? If so, can you please provide a screenshot?

Look forward to hearing from you,


Anmol Kanchan
InVision ambassador Anmol Kanchan , ambassador

Hi Shaina,

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. :)

But, I have a different issue from what you explained.
I can add the colors from Sketch to DSM. Say I add 4 colors from sketch file to DSM and later I changed 'Color 1' in my sketch file.

Now, I want to update the color in DSM, such that:
1. It updates the previous color, rather than creating a new color.
2. And, it updates the same color for other designers after they sync their sketch file from DSM, as it happens for components in DSM (if the components are symbols).

Anmol Kanchan


Anmol Kanchan
InVision ambassador Anmol Kanchan , ambassador

Thanks Shaina! Appreciate your help :)

Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Of course! Glad I could help, Anmol.


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