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James Kuo

Hide Invision logo from public link?

Is there a way to hide the Invision logo with "Made with Invision" from the public link?

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Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk , ambassador
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Hey James,

We address this topic in our Help Center here.

To hide the InVision logo and UI buttons while viewing a prototype via a share link, the viewer (or presenter) can use this keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + .

At this time, however, it's not possible on any plan to remove the InVision watermark logo, the InVision name within any sharelink URL, the loading screen upon login into InVision, the InVision logo while logged into InVision or the InVision logo from the PDF prototype download.

With all Enterprise plans, you can replace our logo and add yours on the loading screen only. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, click here for more information.



Richard Gunther
InVision ambassador Richard Gunther , ambassador
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The new (?) floating Invision badge seems WAY more obtrusive than what I remember seeing in demos from the past. Didn't there used to just be a collapsible bar at the bottom? When you're paying to use a tool to demonstrate to a client how you're going to promote their brand through software, the bold Invision badge is just far too imposing. It would be one thing if I created things with a free account. This is not free—I'm paying you for this service. The least you could do is offer a "hide logo" sharing option for paid customers. Requiring each presenter (or viewer) to do finger somersaults to accomplish that is ridiculous. I'm using your tool to promote the idea of creating a good customer experience. Talk about a poor customer experience....


Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador
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Hi Richard,

I apologize for the frustration that this is causing for you! As mentioned in the help article linked above, to hide the InVision logo and UI buttons while viewing a prototype via a share link, the viewer (or presenter) can use this keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + This will allow you to toggle the logo and UI buttons on and off. 

I hope this helps! If this doesn't help you accomplish the behavior you're looking for, can you please provide some additional information?:

  1. Are you using InVision Cloud V6 or V7?
  2. Can you please provide a screenshot showing the logo that you'd like to hide?
  3. Can you please clarify the ideal behavior that you're looking for?

Thanks for reaching out,



Richard Gunther
InVision ambassador Richard Gunther , ambassador
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Hi, Shaina. Repeating a little of what I ranted on Twitter, I shouldn't expect customers I’m sharing demos with to know, remember, or perform those finger somersaults every time they access a demo. To answer your questions:

1. Cloud V6 or V7. This will get me on yet another rant. I find it ludicrous that you have two live versions of this software, each with their own support docs, and that as a customer I should be expected to know which version I'm running. How would I know this? And if you have a newer version out, why wouldn't I just automatically be using that? I have actively sought out information about this, and I've found no good answers. So: I don't know.


3. Since I'm a paying customer, I don't think you should be plastering your product promo and logo over the products I'm building for my clients. At the very least, there should be an option to disable it as part of the share link options. [I could rant separately about how your service creates 4 or 5 separate, useless links as I'm flipping the switches to select the options I need for just one share link.] Anyway, something more discrete might be tenable, but this floating logo, fashioned after an action button, is just too much. If It was a free account...sure. But your paying customers shouldn't have to put up with this.


Michael S
InVision ambassador Michael S, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting back in touch with these details. We really apologize for the confusion that has been caused with the two versions of our software.
  1. The easiest way to find out if you are using V6 or V7 would be to click on your name/avatar in the top right corner. In this dropdown modal, you will see a V7 badge as mentioned in this help article. If you do not see this badge, that would mean you are on our V6 platform.
  2. I definitely understand that it is not ideal to have to share the shortcut to your colleagues to hide the InVision logo in your share links. Our Product team is tracking interest in the ability to hide this logo completely, so we will be sure to pass along your feedback and vote for this functionality.
  3. We’re constantly working on improvements, and we greatly value opinions like yours. Our Senior Community Moderator, Shaina, will be sharing your comments on this matter with our Product Managers in our next Product Meeting.
We are very sorry for the trouble this has caused! Please keep any eye out for an email from us shortly confirming that we've added your vote to hide the logo in share links. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or feedback.

Have a great day,



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