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Julia Quillen Edited

How do I sync with Sketch Craft to the Studio desktop app?

I'm trying to use Craft with the InVision Studio software but it doesn't sync to Studio.

Do I have to use the Craft prototyping in Sketch instead of use Studio for prototyping,

or save a new document out of Sketch and open it in Studio as a new prototype every time I update screens?


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Ashima Sood
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Hi Julia,

Here's a breakdown of Craft vs Studio-

Craft is a plugin that's meant for Sketch and Photoshop. If you are using Craft for Sketch and wish to migrate to Studio, you could try importing your files from Sketch to Studio.

Studio on the other hand is an application (similar to sketch) that has inbuilt prototyping functionalities which includes craft prototyping settings and other additional prototyping settings as well. Here's a quick tour of Studio. If you chose to migrate completely to Studio, you will not require Craft for prototyping or Sketch for designing-it's a one stop shop! 

You can publish a prototype to the InVision cloud through either one.

As far as your second question goes, the good part is that it's really up to you! You may find that after going through the articles and videos, you or your team prefers one over the other. Most designers I know are trying both out to test their comfort zones. Keep in mind that Studio is bound to be more robust over time. So take your time and chose one that works for your workflow!

I hope I was able to help! Feel free to reach out again if you have any more queries!


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