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nanoj Updated

Create real text input field to prototype

I used invision Studio for almost every Design Project in our design team. but i don't know why we can't create real text input field or other input field like radio buttons or checkboxes in this tool ! Do U have any suggestion about that?

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Andrew Francis
InVision ambassador Andrew Francis , ambassador

I agree with Scott. I’ve already had to make the switch to other tools that offer this. It’s extremely disappointing that this has never been prioritized.

InVision ambassador Lee , ambassador

Oh, yeah, we long ago now moved over to Figma. InVision's been touting v7 for I think it's 6 years now. They're much more focused on making documentaries and industry polls than they are on shipping product (with the possible exception of features that are only interesting to enterprise wonks — that's where they can most easily squeeze more money). So, off we've gone. I used to recommend InVision, now I recommend against it. Bummer, used to be so good.

InVision ambassador Carlos , ambassador Edited

I decided to give Axure a try, so far it's very powerful. It supports logic, states, forms, and a lot more. I understand that the team at InVision might be working with limited resourced, and I've generally had a good experience for simple prototyping so I hope I can come back at some point for the right project.

Not like it's a loss for InVision since I was using the free version for a personal project.

Christopher Ramos
InVision ambassador Christopher Ramos , ambassador

Hi. Any news regarding this feature request?


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