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Songyi Songyi Edited

There is a bug for the Craft Prototype function.

There is a bug for the Craft Prototype function.
In a sketch, the link works well in a preview.
However, the click mark(blue box) is often not displayed on the Invision Web. It doesn't show at all.
So if you upload it again, it will be displayed. But the click marks that I just saw is gone. I think it's a bug.
There are times when I succeed in seeing all the click marks if I continue to upload a few times, but this is a tiring job.

I think it's a bug related to the one I inquired about earlier.




sketch ver 57.1 

craft ver: 1.0.86

macOs High Sierra ver 10.13.6

macbook Pro Retina, Early 2015

procesor 2.7GHz Intel Core i5

Memory 8GB 1867 MHz DDR3

Graphic Intel iris Graphics 6100 1536MB




blue box  = click mark (hotspots)

preview in sketch


invision web prototype



invision web prototype( After uploading again)



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Beth Vanderkolk
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Thanks for raising this! I want Support to dig in to this further. I'm opening a ticket on your behalf, so they'll be reaching out to you shortly about this!

Thanks again (and happy weekend!),



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