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Parvathy Iyer Parvathy Iyer

Path animation

Is animating along a path possible with Invision ? If yes, any tutorials on these lines ? Thanks.



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Beth Vanderkolk
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Hey Parvathy!

We're tracking a request to add the ability to animate transitions on a curved path rather than only on a linear path. For example, when going from point A to point B, instead of the objects following a straight line, allow elements to follow a curved path. If you're interested in also requesting that functionality, please describe your request to Support here.

Although we currently don't have a standard way of achieving this in the product yet, there is a roundabout way of achieving this (no pun intended):

To do this, you would want to create second object layer such as a rectangle and set the opacity to 0% so that it doesn't appear on the artboard. Next, you'll want to group the two objects (the rectangle and the object to be animated along a curve) and apply a motion interaction to the grouped layer. For the second artboard containing the final position of the object to be rotated, you would simply need to give the grouped layer a rotation value. 



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