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Ashima Sood
Ashima Sood Updated

UX technologist- 2019's new UX focused role

Current UX roles

The digital design industry has been going through a major paradigm shift in the last 15 years. Along with that it's seen the emergence of new roles that have revolutionised product design and development. Up until last year, the design community had a plethora of roles come up. (Here's a great article that sums those up)

What does a UX Technologist do?

Image Credit : Eric Knudtson, who also explains on his website what he does as a UX technologist.

The newest addition we have now is UX Technologist. From what I gather, this individual is an integral part of the product design process almost from start (end of UX research phase) through -

  1. Requirement gathering
  2. Determining user needs
  3. Mapping out the system
  4. Low and high fidelity designs
  5. Prototyping
  6. Design iterations
  7. Development
  8. And finally handover to the testing team.

So, to sum it up : UX Technologist = UX designer + UX engineer 

One step below a UX unicorn. 

Scope of this role

Since UX unicorns are so rare, there is some value in this role. It's quite evident that this member of the team (if there is one in question) has a lot on his/her shoulders. One would have to be extremely skilled at being able to focus on one task at a time and not get carried away with the development aspect of the process while in the UX stage and vice versa. Needless to say, this isn't easy.

As a UX designer, I look forward to interacting and/or working with a UX technologist to learn more about their process and how they separate and do justice to the two roles they perform.

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