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Kayden Knauss Kayden Knauss

File & Folder Organization

I have been working in a startup for the last year and as the only designer, I have had the privilege (and challenge) of creating a file and folder system for our team.

It has worked flawlessly until now and as we are experiencing growth, our system needs an upgrade. Instead of worrying about 1-2 manufacturers with minimal rounds for approval, we are dealing with 5-6 all in different stages of development.

From print to web to product design to marketing, our folders are becoming more convoluted than we'd like.

  1. What are some resources that have helped you keep order within your folders?
  2. Any tips for how to think about hierarchy so that files can be found quicker?

Any other advice as well would be greatly appreciated!



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Ashima Sood
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Hi Kayden,

I have faced a similar issue on a smaller scale. The UX and Visual teams both report to me. This means that I have to deal with a lot of sketch files.

I employ the following to nip it in the bud-

  1. I requested the product manager and business analyst to breakdown the workflow into phases, epics and user stories.
  2. I then assign these to the team and make sure that theres is 1 designer to work on a specific set of screens.
  3. I set up review meetings to ensure ideation and collaboration--this way there is a healthy discussion that encompasses everyones design ideas but just one source file.

You could also try this tool, I haven't heard any reviews and would love to hear from someone a little more about it!

I hope this helped!

*In case the link doesn't work:


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