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Resolving comments workflow

Hello. Me and my team were discussing on how to make a better use of comment/ resolve feature on design process. Right now we do the following: my team upload designed screens to Invision Cloud; then, as a design leader, I do my review through comments; they resolve these comments and later, if everything ok, I share the project with my CEO, who is part of our design process and must do his comments as well.

The problem is, after that, the CEO starts to receive resolve notifications emails, since we use the comments as a "to do checklist", and usually he goes back to Invision to see if changes were made, but we upload the changes only once everything is resolved.

My question: this is a recommended workflow? Can you share a better process regarding decision making and project approval?

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Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
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Hi Igor

Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is a very interesting topic. 

This process you described is awesome for team members but not ideal for upper management or executives. A suggestion is instead of sending a link for the CEO to add their comments you can possibly do the following:

- Showcase Fridays (any day you would like) | Depending on your team processes and workflow, having upper management or executives come and join in on a showcase is very valuable. You can structure the showcase to be a feedback session and this is quite valuable as the one thing you can not get with comments only is immediate context. Nothing beats a showcase as all parties can get involved and also assists with team moral.

If not going to work.

- Send a link and set up a session | Having people receive the link before a session is always valuable. This allows the attendees to think about a couple of things before the session so it's very meaningful. Structuring the session to meet your team needs is very important and if you are interested we can discuss this further.

Summarized my feedback but hope that conveys the just of it.

The main reason to leverage having sessions is that you can plan accordingly in terms of changes to be made and also having the person to review the latest versions i.e. we have feedback t



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