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Owen Hughes Owen Hughes

Design Sprints

Has anyone actually done one and what do you think of them?

I hear so many great things but never actually seen them done in practice. I was just wondering what peoples experiences are with them?



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Natasha Hervatta
InVision ambassador Natasha Hervatta , ambassador
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Hey Owen! I conducted a Design Sprint (for the first time) for my team in May. It was a brilliant experience!

As a facilitator (which I was), there's quite a bit of organizational work to do - just getting people together and working for 5 full days can be tiring. I realized it's also hard to facilitate and participate in the Sprint -- I'd recommend doing only one of those roles. You can read more about my experience here.

All in all - it was a design process that gave us a lot of good results in a short period. It took a while to get the ball rolling, mainly to get the participants involved in the hands-on process. But once that happened, it was easy to see the results and how much progress we were making. It also translated into a great experience with our customers, who felt valued.

10/10 would recommend the Sprint process!


Caitlin Cambron
InVision ambassador Caitlin Cambron , ambassador
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Hey Owen - yes! I've done Design Sprints on multiple products for several years.

Like Natasha said, it can take a while to get it rolling and make sure everyone is on board. Here's how I approached the preparation and the doing:

  1. Prepare and communicate out by creating a sprint schedule (what will take place on each day, how planning/retro/review will work, what research is happening when). Meet with the people who are affected by these when the documents are in draft state. Let them give feedback and help shape the process. PM and devs should know well ahead of time when the Design Sprint process is starting and what to expect, and any managers should have buy-in.
  2. Day 1 of the spring for me is typically flash wireframing and getting a rough idea of all the work.
  3. Day 2-4 (so the rest of week 1) is validating those ideas with users and developers, and iterating changes that build up wireframes.
  4. Day 5-8 I begin final mockups and validate as needed. Some of the smaller ones won't need to be validated again.
  5. Days 9 and 10 are exporting, polishing, putting them into a prototype, and prepping to present at review.

Using a Design Sprint has helped the entire team massively, in my experience. The developers are more engaged up front on what is coming down the pipeline and then faster to ask questions and course correct. PMs have a better understanding of effort which helps in reporting progress to higher ups. And the designer has a structure to follow rather than a Hail Mary  or go-it-alone approach. My teams typically feel more in control of what is being built and what the future holds.

Good luck to you!



Angela Millward
InVision ambassador Angela Millward , ambassador
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I am part of a team who regularly conducts design sprints for new products on behalf of other companies. We find this really helpful to kickstart the Product Development process, get key stakeholders invested and to start validating our ideas from the beginning. 



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