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Ravi Surana

Syncing sketch file with Studio (Smart importing from sketch to studio)

Hey guys,

I recently started using studio. I really like it. However, there are couple problems that I see:

1. Interaction loads really slow. There is always a lag. (FYI - using mac intel i7, 16gb)

2. Is there any way to import files directly from sketch to studio? any plugin (Like Craft) that can do this? That way I don't have to manually paste any new artboard in studio from sketch. I feel there should be a smart integration between sketch and studio.

Have you ever consider making studio part of the existing invison platform (Cloud)?

Looking forward to your reply.

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Kayden Knauss
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Hey Ravi,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I can definitely address your #2 challenge for you. Importing Sketch files into Studio is incredibly easy- so no need to continue to paste new artboards in.

From the Studio launcher all you need to do is click the Sketch file you would like to import and click Open. There are a few features that don't directly translate to Studio so there might be a few differences between the documents.

InVision has an awesome help article here that goes deeper and covers the compatibility between Studio and Sketch.

Looking forward to hearing if that helps,


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