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Alignment not aligned )))

A small misunderstanding in the Studio. Alignment icons not aligned? :)

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Kayden Knauss
InVision ambassador Kayden Knauss , ambassador
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Hey Vitaly,

You are right! The alignment icons are in fact not "technically" aligned ;)

However, I highly doubt this was a misunderstanding when the product team placed them there.

In fact, designing for an optical (or visual) center for elements ensures the balance around a point. Rather than designing for a geometric center that can naturally feel more "off" to the human eye.

Here's a couple good articles that explain why we should be designing our elements around the optical center and not the geometric center. It's pretty incredible even if it feels so "unnatural".

  1. Visual Balance
  2. Designing Using a Visual Center

Hope you have a fantastic day!


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