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Alok Mysore Alok Mysore

We need Folders for Projects!

Hi Invision, you're great. But you're missing something basic - folders for projects.

A challenge I face everyday is locating the right prototype under the cluttered Projects tab on Invision Cloud. I don't always know what keyword to search for, and even when I do there are multiple projects with similar names - which are truncated SMH. Inevitably forcing me to open and close a few projects until I find the right one. Oh and search is cleared when I return to the projects screen, forcing me to repeat the whole thing again - SMH.

All in all, this is simply NOT HOW PEOPLE WORK. We require folder structures (at least 1 level deep), full project titles displayed and search - which should be last resort - should retain search terms.

For a platform used predominantly by designers, it's lacking in this basic user experience consideration.



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Rob Whiting
InVision ambassador Rob Whiting , ambassador
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Hi Alok,

      “We require folder structures (at least 1 level deep)”

If this is one of your team requirements, you'll be please to know that in the upcoming move from InVision v.6 to v.7 the 'Spaces' feature > - will be introduced which looks to do exactly what you are looking to do.

I don't think there is a set timescale for Spaces to be rolled out to all accounts but keep an eye on the usual channels for when it is more widely available. Hope this helps.


Alok Mysore
InVision ambassador Alok Mysore , ambassador
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Thanks Rob, this is great news! While Spaces isn't a robust multi-level folder system, it's definitely a step in the right direction. Looking forward to the update :)


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