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Eric Evans
Eric Evans Updated

Libraries don't recognize Sketch color names

My team and I have gone through the trouble to create thorough color palettes (50+ colors) in Sketch according to our style guide, so you can imagine our disappointment when DSM required us to go through the same effort to add those names to a library. It is frustrating that, when importing colors to a library, DSM can see the different palettes and their names, but NOT the colors' names. 

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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Eric,

Thanks so much for reaching out here in Community, and for opening tickets with our Support team regarding these DSM requests! I have notified the Support agents on your tickets about your comments and feedback posted in Community.

Part of my job is to take important threads from Community to meetings with relevant Product Managers to discuss the struggles our customers are having. I will be sure to discuss your recent Community posts and comments in my next meeting with the DSM Product Managers.

We agree that using DSM should be make your job easier, and we are constantly working to break down barriers in design. Hearing from customers like you is what helps make InVision products better each day. Thanks again for reaching out to provide detailed feedback about how the lack of these features are slowing down your workflow.

Have a great day,


If anybody else would like to add their feedback about this potential feature, please fill out a ticket with Support here detailing the feature you are looking for.

InVision ambassador igor , ambassador



There is a better way to use colours rather than the InVision suggestion. 


Create your colour palette as a squares on an artboard all of them in the same size, after make them as a symbols, I suggest make this naming convention, Colour/primary_blue, so you can have them well organized, after create a new folder in DSM, name it Colour_2, upload your symbols.


Use those symbols as a mask in your components. You will see a big advantage of it.


I hope it helps.






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