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Peter Broomfield Peter Broomfield

Why haven’t I switched from Sketch?

I’m a big fan of Studio. I honestly can't wait for the day I can open InVision Studio and build a design from start to finish. As it stands now though, whenever I start creating a design in Studio, I invariably have to stop, close Studio, and open Sketch to continue my design. These are the reasons why.

  1. No layer styles
  2. No text styles
  3. No blur filter
  4. DSM integration

The first three are integral to my design workflow and I can’t work without them. The DSM integration is not something I always use, but I always want the option. Currently, Sketch has better DSM integration than Studio. That makes sense, since text and layer styles are a key component in managing a design system and those don’t exist yet in Studio.

Things that would be nice to have in studio:

  • Option to show bounds on interface elements
    (I love the minimal design overall. When I’m designing quickly though, it would be handy to have more explicit affordances for the various buttons and dropdowns. Sometimes it takes me a few clicks or a bit of mouse searching to find the interactable portion of the control.)
  • More apps (I'm sure they'll come)
  • Drag field labels to change value (specifically opacity and border radius)
  • Team project editing (Google docs/Figma style)
  • Customizable key bindings
  • Option for visible button labels (or faster tooltips. Thinking of the top toolbar.)
  • Spread control on drop shadow
  • Text shadow
  • CSS Filters
  • Ability to enter numeric values per animation keyframe
  • Ability to add additional points to motion curve graph line
  • Ability to save custom motion curves as presets
  • Better vector path tools
  • Tearable windows—adjustable layout
  • Any remaining Craft plugin functionality that isn’t already in Studio
  • Savable animation/interaction styles

Frivolous niceties (maybe even bad ideas)

  • Minimap
    (I'm kind of surprised this doesn't exist in other UI design programs. In an artboard based layout, it would be useful to have a second, zoomed-out version of your project while your navigating in and between artboards.)
  • Sweep feature for objects (à la Figma)
  • Z-depth (CSS style, set perspective, set child perspective)

That's my take. I hope it's helpful! Looking forward to being able to switch to Studio.



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Eric Schurter
InVision ambassador Eric Schurter, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hi Peter! 

Studio Product Manager here! Thank you so much for posting your feedback. We love that you continue to give Studio a shot, and I wanted to address most, if not all, of your points directly.

At a high level, though, we share the same goal — to make Studio a place where you can realize a design from start to finish! It’s feedback like this that helps us understand where those roadblocks are and how they differ for each designer. So, again, thank you!

The good news is that the vast majority of the items you call out as complete blockers and nice-to-have features are on our near-term roadmap! Specifically, we’re actively working on:

  • Layer and text styles
  • DSM integration
  • Blurs
  • Text shadows
  • Cloud-based documents with collaborative editing
  • Additional apps
  • Craft functionality like linking to external URLs, a Back action, and Overlays
  • Usability improvements across the app
  • …and more!

There are some other things you called out that are also on our roadmap, but maybe a little further out. Things like:

  • Additional UI customization
  • Saved motion curves and multi-point motion curves
  • Saved animation styles
  • Keyframe animation

I love the idea of a minimap! I think I saw a similar concept from one of our designers floating around but if it’s not on our backlog already I’ll make sure it is!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a really quick tip:

You can scrub the input value for things like Opacity and Border Radius by holding Command (or Control on Windows) and dragging over the number itself!

Once again, thanks for taking the time to send your feedback!

Eric Schurter
Product Manager, Studio

Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hey Peter!

Awesome post. Thanks for putting together and posting this really thorough list of your Studio requests and needs. This kind of feedback is really valuable, and your kind presentation of it is giving me all the good feels this Friday afternoon! I'm sharing your post directly with our Studio Product Managers and will be bringing this up in my meeting next week with them. Have a great weekend!



Peter Broomfield
InVision ambassador Peter Broomfield , ambassador
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I'm glad the feedback is helpful! I really appreciate you both taking the time to respond in so much detail. Thanks for the tip on the Command + drag for values. Super cool to hear about the features on the way. I'll stay tuned! 


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