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Dalibor Vasiljevic Dalibor Vasiljevic

(Web) Invision Project prototype scroll is not continuous

Hi guys,

something strange happens. I work in Sketch and using Sketch to prototype and collaborate with customers. I have observed in last couple of projects that, after I upload homepage mockup (1600x2000px, for example), when I start scrolling down, it (automatically) freezes the scroll for the screen height size (some first 1080px of the mockup height) and than I need to scroll once again toward bottom so it continues scrolling until the footer of the mockup.

On some projects, it is continuous, on other is not - and I don't get it. Why is it freezing? I have observed this after I changed my iMac (bought new 4K), but still, on older projects, scroll is working perfectly, on new - I need to try scrolling twice until I enable it work. I am attaching examples.

Normal scroll

Freezed scroll





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Shaina Torgerson
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Hi Dalibor,

Thanks for reaching out here in Community! I apologize for the issues you're facing with the scroll not working correctly when previewing your prototype. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide those two screencasts! That really helped to get a visual of what's happening on your end.

To get a better idea of why this might be happening, can you please provide some additional information?:

  1. A screenshot of your "About this Mac" overview
  2. Your browser details which you can find here
  3. Is this occurring with just one prototype, or others as well?
  4. If you're able to do so publicly, could you provide a share link for the affected prototype so I can test on my end?
  5. What version of Sketch did you use to create your prototype?
  6. What version of Craft Manager that are you running? (shown in the Craft toolbar)
  7. What version of the Craft Sync + Prototype are you running? (Here's how to find that out)

Look forward to hearing from you,



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