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John Drach John Drach

Nobody at my organization can view DSM

I can't get DSM to work right? Or maybe this is the intended functionality? I can't imagine it is. Here is what is happening. 

Under people for my DSM account I have this selected:

Anyone at Nutrien
All members of the Nutrien organization can access the website, but only collaborators can access your libraries via the Sketch plugin.
While in my library in settings under invite I have this setting set:

Anyone who has the share link can view this library, even if they are outside your organization.
Nobody can view the link. They're asked for a password. So we tried having some people create an account and then they can see DSM. Interestingly enough after they sign out they can still navigate DSM. Do I need to tell everybody who wants to only view the site that they need to download Invision? If so this is a terrible user experience. Please help me. I will never be able to get any adoption for this product if I can't fix this problem. 


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Beth Vanderkolk
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Hey John,

I see you're working with Brittini in Support on this issue. Looks like she's waiting to hear back from you with some additional info to begin troubleshooting. I'll keep my eye on that ticket for you!

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