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Kyle Kyle

Transparent overlay hotspot shows up white


I'm using the the latest versions of the craft plugin as of June 27th 2019.

I'm using the free edition of the InvisionCloud app.

I'm trying to create a transparent overlay for my prototype. I've chosen the Ipad as the medium.

Everything I try, it shows up white...essentially making this feature useless. FYI this is a MAJOR feature for prototyping.

I've set my artboard in Photoshops background as transparent; see screenshot:

Here is a copy of my prototype for your reference;

My account is under the same email as my account for this support portal. 

I've uploaded the image manually and via the craft plugins for photoshop as well as Sketch and I get the same issue.

I also have Studio, which i'm going to try next, but I imagine that won't have any effect on my results either. 

What is the alternative to show a client a prototype where I can utilize this feature? I'm needing to create this presentation that requires this by tomorrow. As you know in business, I can't come to the table with excuses.




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Rob Whiting
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Hi Kyle.

      > I'm trying to create a transparent overlay for my prototype.

In regard to the issue you are having—have you looked at removing the transparent area and creating your overlay to size? Based on how InVision handles overlays > - the transparency might not be required for your particular use case 🤔


InVision ambassador Kyle , ambassador
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Yes that fixed it thankyou.

I was following the video series and it suggested using the Tap to Next Screen which threw me off.


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