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InVision ambassador ambassador
Rob Whiting
Rob Whiting Updated

Jony Ive leaving Apple

As far as Design News goes—Jony Ive leaving Apple after ~30 years to set up his own company seems like a big change:

What are people's thoughts on this? Do you think we will see a big shift in how Apple design the products and tools many Designers use everyday or has Ive set them on a path in regard to hardware/software design they will continue to follow?

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John Matthews
InVision ambassador John Matthews , ambassador

I saw a good tweet from an InVision employee on Twitter that said,

"Jony Ive announced his departure from Apple yesterday. Subsequently, Apple stocks fell $13B. Yes... 13 billion dollars. The greatest asset of any business is the people."

Always good to see the realization/communication of how important people and designers are to a business.

Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
InVision ambassador Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa , ambassador

Hi Rob

Awesome post brother Rob and thanks for the share, John 100% agree! This is just a great example of how a business that is so successful that after a single person leaves the sheer impact it has. Never underestimate the value of people in an organisation.

Back to Rob, I feel we will have to wait and see but the funniest thing is after this year keynote I went to my wife and said: "Love, I think Jony Ive is finally going to leave Apple and start his own thing" and now, he leaves! Was a terrible KeyNote for me.

It's also interesting to note that he is starting his own creative firm called LoveFrom and that Apple will be his first client. That in itself is incredible, hell imagine, you start your own thing and Apple is your first client, why note? Just shows you how much value he brought to the company. 

All I can say it's going to be very interesting going forward now. I do feel this is the end of an era for Apple, it has been a slow downward spiral for the company in my view but time will tell.

Who knows?.. maybe the cheese grater they just released grated Jony a bit too much in the end and they have incredible products coming our way now that he is gone. Who knows in the end?.. Hehe, lame but I couldn't help myself :)

Stay awesome!

Owen Hughes
InVision ambassador Owen Hughes , ambassador

Oddly I wasn't that shocked by this.

If the rumours are true, he checked out after Steve's death, they where probably the closest two colleagues in the business. Barely being in the office, passion waning for designing products and leaving day to day duties to his subordinates. It wasn't that long ago he relinquished alot of his responsibilities for a while to take on bigger things. 

For him personally. What else is there left at Apple to do? They have well established products which are iteratively and gradually improving, nothing new and exciting, except for R&D projects or when the MAC Pro gets a redesign, there isnt a great deal of creative freedom left for him. Hes designed their product line, shops and helped with the HQ buildings. What could possibly be next at Apple, my guess is not alot left. Given his net worth (est. $400 million) theres probably not alot of passion and motivation left there, especially after 20 years!). 

With his new venture he could go in the direction of someone like Yves Behar's studio, Frog, or Thomas Heatherwick's studio, their studios design a whole host of products, buildings and many different things. Imagine the creative licence he will have with something similar to these which sounds like he will have. 

He has built an incredible legacy in Apple, its design team and history. No doubt they will be fine especially with them being a client too (although theres reports saying this is to ease fears from investors, but who knows). He's set a great path for the team and im sure they will be great.


Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
InVision ambassador Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa , ambassador Edited

Well put Owen 👏 well put. It is most definitely the most logical step for him and I too am looking forward to see what he gets up-to.


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