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InVision ambassador ambassador
Julia Olivier
Julia Olivier Updated

Overlays in Studio?

Hi all. I'm trying to create an overlay like feature within my prototype. Across my artboards there is a button which I would like to lead to the same pop-up screen, and when exiting that pop-up screen goes back to the artboard you were currently on. Essentially an overlay system like in the cloud version. Is there any way I can achieve this within Studio?


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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Julia,

Thanks for reaching out here in Community about this desired functionality in Studio. At this time, Overlays do not exist within Studio. However, this is a potential feature that our team is currently tracking.

I will open a ticket on your behalf to track your interest for Overlays in Studio. Please look for an email confirming that we've formally tracked your feedback for this desired feature.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful day,


If anybody else would like to add their feedback about this potential feature, please fill out a ticket with Support here detailing the feature you are looking for.

InVision ambassador RobM , ambassador

Im sad. I switched to use this beta because its much easier than Invision in general. It will not work without overlays animated in. Is this beta just a test or where is this in your feature release?



Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador
Hey Rob,
Thanks for reaching out on our Community regarding this feature. We understand how frustrating it is to wait for a feature to be released. The Product and Engineering teams prioritize features based on their scope and impact. For that reason, I'm unable to provide an ETA at this time, but can assure you that this feature is certainly on our team's radar. 
I'm happy to open a ticket on your behalf to add your voice to this feature, as well as check in with our Product team about this feature. Please keep an eye out for an email showing that we've added your support to this feature.
If you have any other questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Thanks for your patience,
Martin Nihlén
InVision ambassador Martin Nihlén , ambassador

Come on guys.. This in an absolute show stopper of a feature. I honestly don't understand how anyone can use Studio for even the simplest prototype without overlays. The amount of hassle required to work around this missing feature makes it impossible for me to switch from Sketch. Even Craft has this for in-Sketch-prototyping now! (Although without custom placement its stil a bit clunky, but it is there atleast.)  

I know you are probably still "tracking intrest" in this feature, like you have been for over a year, because i got the same reply when i first submitted a feature request so long ago. But an update on when you think this might come, or some reason why you dont prioritize it would be nice to hear. I want to switch to Studio, I just cant without overlays...



Iris Shields
InVision ambassador Iris Shields , ambassador Edited

I also, for the life of me, do not understand why this is not an option in Studio... I mean; this renders the whole app useless.

How can you develop a UX tool without proper UX?
-totally baffled sad smiley face here-

Dickon Kent
InVision ambassador Dickon Kent , ambassador

I second everything above. I know it must be difficult to keep everyone happy but this is such a basic prototyping feature I just assumed it would be in Studio... now hours into a project I can just throw away all my work because I cannot make a simple menu work... WTF - This is not ready for public release.

Brad Monroe
InVision ambassador Brad Monroe , ambassador

Hey everybody,

I’m Brad, one of the InVision Studio Product Managers, and I wanted to chime in directly on this thread. First and foremost, the entire Studio team and I are grateful for candid feedback like that in this thread. Feedback like this really helps us as we make daily prioritization decisions.

On the topic of Overlays specifically, we fully agree. Overlays are a widely-used interaction pattern that we are absolutely aiming to incorporate into Studio as part of our overall roadmap for prototyping features. In fact, supporting a true Overlays feature helps with one of our overall goals of enabling a designer to create rich, interactive designs using as few artboards as possible.

Though Studio doesn’t have an explicit Overlays feature yet, the overlay effect can be achieved today by duplicating the artboards that the user intends to trigger an overlay from, add the overlay content to both the Start and End artboard, and connect the two with a Motion interaction. However, we understand that this is not an ideal workaround.

Hope this helps shed some light on this issue. Again, please do keep feedback like this coming here on our Community!



Martin Nihlén
InVision ambassador Martin Nihlén , ambassador

Hi Brad, thanks for the reply. Its nice to get more of a true response than the standard "tracking interest" reply. 

Sorry for the slightlyt irritated tone, you should just take it as a positive that there is such a strong desire to actually switch to Studio. The lack of overlays just makes that impossible for the moment. The workarounds would just add so much hassle and extra work that I just wouldn't be able to do my job properly. 

Like you pointed out, overlays are a must if one is going to create rich, interactive prototypes with as few artboards as possible. And i would add, with as little work as possible. Prototypes that I create have a very long lifespan and go through alot of revisions before they are discarded. And im sure you understand how exponentially harder those revisions will be if you need the entire "background" screen behind every overlay. Imagine a screen with 5 different modals. You would need 5 different artboards of that screen with each modal-overlay ontop. That means that the slightest change to the screen itself needs to be changed on 5 artboards. Not to mention if the modal itself is something that is present on every screen in your prototype, like for example a dropdown in the main navigation. The complexity grows unmanageble very quickly.
Im sure you know this already, but im still trying to hammer home the point :) 

Looking forward to seeing this feature as soon as possible! 

All the best.


Iris Shields
InVision ambassador Iris Shields , ambassador

The workaround you are talking about Brad, do you realize that due to the many UX bugs around sizing and aligning screenshot exactly so that the flow looks seamless are so excessive that it is making this workaround even more horrible than it initially seems. Besides the fact that it is ridiculous to expect the user to lay out all the screens for all the overlay options when there are a lot, of drop downs and modals, but having to go through the painstakingly and hair pulling tedious task of aligning every single screen; I don't know why Studio is working hard to do everything in it's brainless power to not do what I want it to do, but it is murder.

Add to that the fact that the amount of bugs and UX horrors is as big on any of your other projects as it is with Studio, I am really surprised you are even able to sell your projects. Do you not have a UX department? If so, where did you get them? What are they doing all day?? Ever heard of UX testing before you launch a product?

You see Martin; at this point I have no issues with showing I am pissed off and frustrated with their products. I have contacted them so much about major UX flaws and literally, I only report 1/3 because otherwise I would be working on talking to them all day every day. And all the response I get is "oh yeah, sorry we will forward your feedback". Unless they are in a state of hotfixing pretty much everything as we speak, my patience is razor thin.

Dickon Kent
InVision ambassador Dickon Kent , ambassador

I think the solution is simple. Studio is not ready. Use something else until it is, or just use something else.. Figma is awesome, fast, lightweight, responsive, cloud-based, etc. and for me replaced Sketch & InVision with one product. I wanted to try Studio because of the InVision mobile app which recreates a pretty native feeling demo, and also I thought the Studio animation features would be useful.

The original InVision is great too, it has overlays, and used in conjunction with Sketch, pretty seamless except you have to do the prototyping in the InVision web tool because Craft prototyping always seems to have bugs and doesn't work 100% online. Certainly not as efficient as Figma, but good.

FramerX is the one tool that is really good at creating "live" feeling prototypes. You can design with data hosted on Airtable (text, images), dynamically duplicate elements, and if you want to get into the code it is super powerful... but it also is a little buggy and doesn't have a great built in solution for presenting apps on mobile where they feel native, i.e, not in browser chrome... Stacks, Pages, and Scrolls really set it apart and make it much more efficient than 'page' based prototypes. FramerX uses components so things are much more efficient for the designer.. but you need to get your hands dirty in the code to leverage that power.

I guess on some level we're all spoiled. The tools we have today are a far cry from designing in Photoshop and then manually building HTML galleries to present your work to clients (yes, I used to do this about 15 years ago).

I would recommend to the Studio product team to re-think the animation strategy, based on what I have seen so far it's not the most efficient. Focus on the basics first (Overlays), and then see if you cannot come up with a plan for interactivity that uses components and symbols more, as opposed to requiring designers to build out a new 'page' for each state of an animation.



InVision ambassador ateeq , ambassador Edited

studio app is good but without overlay feature its useless for me 

Please Add this feature!

Rotola Akinsowon
InVision ambassador Rotola Akinsowon , ambassador

I was honestly psyched when i started using Invision Studio yesterday and after designing just two screens i needed an overlay and now i'm on the community to join in what is honestly a long overdue complaint - ADD OVERLAYS TO STUDIO ALREADY. Just because of this feature i've gone from PSYCHED to BORED in literally less 24 hours. It might not be an exaggeration to say your design team should drop everything else they doing and add the feature because this is probably more important. Well for me it's bye to Studio till the feature drops. But i must also add that aside the overlay, Studio has a sleek appeal kudos on that



Information Technology
InVision ambassador Information Technology , ambassador Edited

Please get the basic interactions working (overlays, button states including hover / press / disabled, functioning form fields or at least the illusion of them), then add the fancy animations. I think some prioritization conversations need to happen.

Nicholas Fratto
InVision ambassador Nicholas Fratto , ambassador

Hey! Having overlays would decrease my workload by a factor of O(n). Please add them, they are necessary for my work to be feasible. 

Dickon Kent
InVision ambassador Dickon Kent , ambassador

This is really crucial. I decided NOT to use InVision Studio on a large new project specifically because of this issue, it makes any relatively simple web app basically not feasible.

Iris Shields
InVision ambassador Iris Shields , ambassador

I ditched Invision. Using Adobe XD, they do allow overlays as well other helpful features.

Luke Tyhurst
InVision ambassador Luke Tyhurst , ambassador

I really want to use InVision Studio, but the inability to have overlays and to have interactions in component child elements has forced me to look elsewhere (Figma, specifically). Please focus on fixing this feature. It's obvious that a large portion of your community requires this, and they have been wanting it specifically for over a year now. For now, you have lost another user.

Romain Guilbault
InVision ambassador Romain Guilbault , ambassador

The InVision team will probably never add overlays.

This thread is not the first one, more than 1,5 year ago, many people (me included) asked, during the demo period (before official v1 launch !) to have this feature.

But the original thread was closed because... Well, you know why. Because they are not working on it.


Jake Design Team
InVision ambassador Jake Design Team , ambassador

I feel the need to add yet another frustrated post to this frustrating thread. I'm in the same boat as the others, I'm trying to use Studio. I want to use Studio. I need to use Studio. However, I CANNOT use Studio because it does not support simple overlays. I honestly don't understand how this is acceptable and how the issue has lingered for so long. With so many other competing tools out there that do offer this essential functionality, how can the Studio team not see the urgency in adding it?

David B
InVision ambassador David B , ambassador Edited

I to feel the need to add myself to this list. Yes, InVision is a great presentation and collaboration tool. However Studio is your weak link. Base on a client requirement, I have to present using Invision. However, I am sure my client does not realize the addition time and money they are adding to a MVP assignment simply due to this one tool missing from Studio. Loosing another UX professional that does not want to go.

Time to decide guy are you ...
THE UX collaboration platform  - or -  A professional UX prototyping platform

Time is slipping away, this threat stated almost 2 years ago


Kevin Lee adp com
InVision ambassador Kevin Lee adp com , ambassador

I totally agree with the aforementioned posts. Overlay functionality is critical. I have also created a post and discussion centered around having another feature that would open an external browser window. A ticket was opened on this as well .

I don't understand how these two main features were "overlooked" in the creation of Studio!

These are staples of the original Invision. I understand the need to be more Mobile-centric but... really??!!

There are still plenty of desktop solutions that would need to have these features represented especially in the responsive world we live in. 

We have projects we were looking to use the Invision Studio software on , now that has to be changed since there was decision to use studio across the board.

Now it seems we are looking for a tool that is all encompassing for our design needs and Studio is not meeting the requirement.

Suffice to say WE are a huge company and would really like to make Invision the standard.


Thank you all for your comments. I am happy to see I am not the only one facing this challenge.




Matthew Baumgartner
InVision ambassador Matthew Baumgartner , ambassador

Hi Shaina - is there an update from the Product team on this feature, please? 

InVision ambassador Sara , ambassador

OMG, I an new trying Invision and I have loved it so far because it is really easy to nderstand, which made me believe I wasn't dping ir propoery about the overlay buttons I need a global dropdown menu ad it is just not possible, it makes work a lot more complicated.
What makes me sad is that I see a llot of tickets from a long time ago and it is still not happening. Please Please, we need it!

InVision ambassador Trent , ambassador

Hi there, 

I’m Trent, one of the InVision Studio Product Managers, and I wanted chime in directly on this thread.

First and foremost, thank you all for your feedback and patience.  

We completely agree that overlays are a must-have feature, and understand how frustrating it's been to wait for them. As always, we’ve been actively tracking feature requests from the Community.

We intend on supporting overlays in the future, but for now the Studio Engineering, Product, and Design teams have been hard at work building a brand new release of Studio. We’re evolving Studio for the long term focusing on improving performance, usability, and how you collaborate within your teams. The investments we are making today will also enable us to respond to your needs more quickly in the future.

We’re committed to keeping everyone informed on what’s next, as we track closer to a shareable date. In the meantime, we want to pull back the curtain a bit.

Hope this context helps -- stay tuned for more detail and opportunities to try out the new release.


Trent Campbell

Andrew Orner
InVision ambassador Andrew Orner , ambassador

Can't believe overlays aren't available. Throwing out a morning's work, and redoing in Adobe XD. 

InVision ambassador Amin , ambassador

Man.... still no overlay? I'm wasting my time to do a transition from XD to studio :(

Kwame Robinson
InVision ambassador Kwame Robinson , ambassador Edited

From an engineering product perspective, they probably only care about maintaining feature parity with competitors. The problem is that so many other products now have overlays or advanced functionality that let you more easily create interactive modalities.

I suspect their product roadmap includes a transition away from the desktop, away from InVision Studio, and to a web based front end, which is why they're deprioritizing features in Studio. Many other competitors have successfully done this. If this is the case I would simply look for a different product this point. As a PhD student at a nationally ranked university taking a HCI class, I am now recommending anyone and everyone move away from InVision because of the responses in this thread. Studio should be a first class citizen as a product and it's clear that it is not.


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