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Kim Biggerstaff
Kim Biggerstaff Updated

Does anyone have recommendations on setting up a governance model for a Design System

We are implementing DSM for multiple brands, with multiple external agency partners who will be accessing the system.  Does anyone have experience or recommendations on how they might have set up a governance model?  I'm leaning towards the centralized model referenced here, but would love examples of anyone doing it in real life.

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Rob Whiting
InVision ambassador Rob Whiting , ambassador Edited

Hi Kim,

That's a great reference article for looking at useful governance models for Design Systems. The lead-in article - - is also great for going into further detail on these various models.

From experience, the Centralized model is ideal for introducing multiple teams to using Design Systems. It allows a wide range of teams to get an understanding of these systems and how they might apply to their own product or service. Longer term however, it becomes more useful to transition from the Centralized model to the Federated one. The key thing that I found was that the Federated model gives more ownership of the Design system aspects back to the various teams and encourages more contribution and self-management. A good Design System is an evolving, organic system and the further you are able to spread the support and contribution for this, the more likely it will be to succeed across a wider, distributed team.

Hope this helps.

Kim Biggerstaff
InVision ambassador Kim Biggerstaff , ambassador

Thanks, Rob.  That reaffirms the direction I have been thinking about.



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