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Charles Batho Edited

Loop between a number of screens for [x] times before moving back to home - possible?

I'm trying to create a 'pull down and release' refresh home loader animation

I have the following art boards

  • Home
  • Home transition
  • Loop 1
  • Loop 2
  • Loop 3
  • Loop 4

I've set a swipe down motion interaction on home to home transition where the logo scales up slightly and the content panels of the home move down vertically and reduce in opacity

  • Home transition has a timeout 0 secs motion interaction to go to Loop 1  (three  vertical bars all in a dulled state)
  • Loop 1 has a timeout 0 secs motion interaction over .2 secs to go to Loop 2  (1st vertical bar highlighted others all in a dulled state)
  • Loop 2 has a timeout 0 secs motion interaction over .2 secs to go to Loop 3  (1st + 2nd vertical bar highlighted 3rd in a dulled state)
  • Loop 3 has a timeout 0 secs motion interaction over .2 secs to go to Loop 4  (all 3 vertical bars highlighted)

2 problems

  1. How can I loop between the loop states say 3-4 times before then returning back to home? The hack solution would be to duplicate the loop artboards 3-4 times to extend the linear animation but surely there's a better way?
  2. When on the swipe down release between home and home transition there's a glitch where on release the home screen displays for a split second before moving into Loop 1. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? 

The essence of Studio is good and better than principle but I have to say that it seems as soon as you try and do anything beyond a cute demo or the basics the wheels come off pretty quickly

All help/guidance appreciated. Cheers


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Kayden Knauss
InVision ambassador Kayden Knauss , ambassador
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Hey Charles,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any other way to loop a set of loop states to avoid having to duplicate them. If anyone else in the Community or Support team knows of a workaround, feel free to let us know!

In regards to your second problem, could you please provide the following information in order to further troubleshoot?

1. What version of Studio are you using?
2. A screenshot of your "About this Mac" overview or other OS details.
3. How are you viewing your prototype when you are encountering this glitch? (e.g InVision mobile app, web app, preview)

Looking forward to hearing back,


Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador
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Hi Charles,

I just wanted to reach out here to let you know that I have made your Support agent aware of this Community post as well. It appears as if he has also addressed this issue with you, and has informed you that it's related to an existing feature request.

If there's anything else I can help you with, or additional information that you would like me to pass along to your Support agent, please let me know.

Have a great day,



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