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Swapna Kulkarni Swapna Kulkarni

created a prototype but the home screen doesn't show on the weblink but I can see it in the preview

I created my first prototype in Invision. when I preview it in studio it works well but once I publish it, it does not display the home screen. If I use > arrow it shows subsequent screens properly. How do I fix this?

here is the link for your reference




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Kayden Knauss
InVision ambassador Kayden Knauss , ambassador
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Hey Swapna,

Thank you for posting and providing your prototype link! Sorry to hear you're having issues with screens not displaying. In order to further troubleshoot, could you please provide the following information?

1. Your browser details.
2. A screencast or screenshot displaying the issue.
3. What version of Studio are you using?
4. A screenshot of your "About this Mac" overview or other OS details.

Looking forward to hearing back,


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