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Rick Tilghman

Comments are useless, we need better notes

I've been designing software for about 20 years at this point, and I've used just about every system you can imagine.  Today's more seamless dev/prototyping models (like Sketch/Craft/Zeplin/Invision) has a ton of advantages and is a far cry from where we started, but it still has one GLARING HOLE... functional annotations.

In the old days we had static wires with detailed annotations.  While they had shortcomings, it meant that the transition to dev was fairly seamless since all the rules, logic, and non-interface/visual system design was captured, presented, and reviewed/signed off in the design process.  While no one wants to go back to that world, the complete lack of an easy and robust way to capture functional details around designs using Sketch/Invision is MADDENING.

For anything more complex than a single page app (things that involve actual logic, or conditions) you have to capture details separately and reconcile, or you have to manually add them as comments which, at a glance, have NO real context or easy ability to manage.  You can't easily just capture functional details with the design and have that in a contained way that the dev team can reference and use it.

So, what's the answer?  Comments is broken... you can keep it, but it's a cumbersome mess.  The solution we need is closer integration with Sketch and other design systems (they have plenty of flexibility) that enables you to pop in and out of per screen comment modes, and then to be able to sync those comments to Invision at the same time as the page files and have them accessible in a "dev view" mode.

For example, in Sketch you highlight a given screen and hit a hot key.  Sketch "focuses" on that screen, basically putting it on a white canvas/background with any annotations.  You can hit a key to tag a thing and write a note, kind of like how Craft works).  This model isn't perfect since commenting on global elements is problematic, but it's WORLDS better than what we have now, which is comments in Slack, a separate file with screenshots and assets, or some other legacy nightmare.


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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador
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Hi Rick,

Thanks for taking the time to write up what you’re looking for to make comments/annotations more functional. We’re very interested in improving visibility into discussions surrounding a design for the reasons you mentioned: if you can collect these details somewhere easily accessible by your development team, it can help streamline implementation of the design.

It sounds like a big part of your ideal solution is making it easier to comment right within the design tool itself and have those comments associated with the screen or element in question. Our Product team is tracking a few feature requests like this and we’d love to share your feedback with them. I will open a ticket on your behalf to track your formally track your feedback. Keep an eye out for an email confirming that we've done so.

I will also be raising this post with the relevant Product Manager in our next Product Meeting. They will be interested to hear your detailed feedback!

Thanks again for writing in. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

Have a wonderful day,



Rob Whiting
InVision ambassador Rob Whiting , ambassador
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Hi Rick,

Some really good ideas/suggestions there.

One thing I'd like to see in InVision is similar commenting functionality to that found on Github;



Things like the ability to add things like tags to comments, so you can see all comments relating to specific features. Would find something like this really useful for some of the Product Teams I work with.


Loredana Doncea
InVision ambassador Loredana Doncea , ambassador
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It would also be really helpful to have the possibility to attach images to the comments. It is useful for remote designers working together when we give each other feedback on our designs but also suggesting a solution in place.


Laura Cunha
InVision ambassador Laura Cunha, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hi Loredana Doncea,

Thank you for weighing in here in Community! The ability to attach images to comments is a potential feature request we're currently monitoring. I'll go ahead and add your +1 towards seeing this feature implemented in the future — please keep an eye out for an email from our team indicating that we’ve formally tracked your feedback.

Have a great day!

If anybody else would like to add their feedback about this potential feature, please reach out to our Support team directly, detailing the feature you are looking for!


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