[Craft Plugin][Sketch] Duplicate not making random content.


In Sketch - Craft Plugin, The duplicate function doesn't seem to work with the Data plugin as shown in the manual and web materials.


1. I make a text layer and write a dummy text "Name"

2. I select the layer and open the Data plugin

3. I click on the Data plugin "Custom > Type > Names"

4. I select "Male"

5. The layer's "Name" changes to randomly generated name "Vincent Allison"

6. While the layer is selected, I click "Duplicate Content"

7. I check "Vertical" - the "Duplicate Content button" gets "Active" ie. Lights blue

8. I change the "1" to "3" - nothing happens

9. I click "Duplicate Content"

10. A group is created with three same layers with "Vincent Allison" and a masked "Duplicate control" layer with Path inside


This doesn't work with any type of data, image or JSON data.



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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Piotr,

    It appears as if you are experiencing an issue that our Product and Engineering teams are aware of where duplicated text fields inside of symbols using Craft Data sometimes have repeated values, rather than having different values. To confirm that this is the issue you are experiencing, I will need to collect some information for our Support and Engineering teams to investigate. Can you please provide the following information?:

         1. The version of Craft Manager you are running.
         2. A screenshot of your Craft plugin versions.
         3. A screenshot of your "About this Mac" overview.
         4. The version of Sketch you are using.

    Once I have this information, we will be able to investigate what's causing this issue a bit more.

    Look forward to hearing from you,


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    Nicolas Bazille

    I currently meet the same problems: duplicated items keep the same data as the first item.


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    Piotr Gasior

    Hi Shaina

    The plugins versions are the same as Nicolas. They do not appear at once so I need to hover to see them.

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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Nicolas and Piotr,

    Thank you both for taking the time to provide that information! Since you are both on the most up to date versions of all software, I would like for our Support team to do some further troubleshooting with each of you.

    I will open tickets on each of your behalf with our Support team. Please look for a message soon from them request additional information.

    Hope to get you some answers soon!

    Thanks for your patience,