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Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa Updated

How do you handle conflict in the workspace?

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all having an awesome week. I posted this question as this is a very interesting topic for me and one I find myself having a conversation about a lot of the time.

The purpose is I would like to make this thread a conversation and my hopes are to learn and help others with this topic.

As a Designer or a human being the core of our processes in the workspace or anywhere for that matter is to work or collaborate with others.

I would like to know:

- What do you do? - Intro on who you are 🙂

- How do you deal with conflict situations in the workspace?

- What was the scenario?

- What was the reason for the conflict?

- Did you reflect on the situation?

Can't wait to start chatting 😁
Stay awesome!



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Caitlin Cambron
InVision ambassador Caitlin Cambron , ambassador

Hi Mekele! This is such a great topic and one I think doesn't get discussed enough.

So first, hello 👋🏼 I'm Caitlin, a UX designer. Currently, I am the Director of Design & UX and a software company in Louisville, KY. I'm passionate about UX education and filling the talent pipeline with more, qualified UXers.

My general rule of thumb about conflict centers on relationships. It's hard to be in conflict and find a resolution if you don't have a previous, positive relationship. I'm a big fan of creating positive relationship with coworkers and clients because I want to enjoy where I work and what I work on. A secondary benefit is that I'm building a personal relationship I can lean on in those tense situations.

Next, I like to stick to facts, refer to previously agreed upon expectations, and make sure anything I say or write is something I would be comfortable with the whole team/company/world seeing. I find that this objective approach works well, but often times there's a need for an honest conversation human to human conversation where emotions are laid out. After finding the business problem and the emotional blockers, it's easier to come to a solution everyone can agree on.

Great topic for discussion :)

Kayden Knauss
InVision ambassador Kayden Knauss , ambassador

Hey Mekele!

What a great post around something we will inevitably run into! Before I dive in, my name is Kayden, I’m an Interaction Designer formally but really love and practice different disciples of design- print, visual, editorial, web.. you name it, I love it all.

Dealing with conflict can sometimes be tricky. I’ve found to be direct and empathetic to be of great importance. We can often conflate conflict in our heads which can lead to negative feelings. The more we let those negative feelings sit with us, the more we can feel like we have no control over our situations! Not good for anybody.

I agree with Caitlin on coming to a common understanding about expectations and then finding some time to have a conversation with the parties about it. I think remaining clear headed and objective focused will ensure everyone will be heard out.

Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
InVision ambassador Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa , ambassador Edited

Thank so much Caitlin and Kayden! 

This is fantastic feedback! Love it! 

I will add my view soon and hope others contribute to this topic in the meantime. Thanks and have an awesome day! 

Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
InVision ambassador Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa , ambassador

Hi Guys

Sorry for the silence. Life happened and I had to take some time off. 

Thanks so much for adding your comments Caitlin and Kayden. Really appreciate it!

So to introduce myself I am a Product Designer in my day to day job but I like to call myself an Experience Designer and Inventor of awesome solutions.

My previous capacity as I started at a new client was to build a full fledge DesignOps or Design Capability at a top Corporate that provides Financial and Insurance services in South Africa. What I like to do with the majority of the time I have in a day is spend it with my 2 angels (Wife and daughter). 

Now for the topic at hand.

To add my 5 cents on top of the amazing comments above. As humans, this is something that is so foreign to us. As children we are not equipped to have these kind of discussions as we are taught to do as you are told, regardless of the context or purpose. This has fundamentally affected an entire generation in my point of view.

What I am excited to see with current standings how organisations are taking the time to understand what is it that people need in the workspace and its this topic that keeps coming up. In any workspace, working collaboratively gets the best results but what needs to be set up beforehand is a good foundation which is made up of principles and values of each other needs. Once you are able to map out and have a good understanding of this, creating something amazing comes naturally.

I feel that one thing I would like to add when having these type of conversations is to be empathetic to the person you are talking too. Something I have learnt over my time is that something always happens because of a preconceived perspective caused by an event. If you are able to unpack that and align in terms of understanding and facts you will resolve any situation.

Again, that is to add to the great feedback given above.

Anyone else with any thoughts or would like to add to this conversation?


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