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Alan Hehir Alan Hehir

Studio Prototype - Not Loading & Crashing

I have created a Mobile Prototype in Studio 1.7.0. I initially used Sketch 52.5 for the Artwork and copied and pasted boards across into Studio.

My prototype loads ok (a little slow) on web app but takes forever to load on Mobile App 2.7.3 (489) on iPhoneX iOS 12.1.2 or iPad Pro 10.5" iOS 12.1.1 and iPad Mini iOS 12.1 if it loads at all. It then gets to a certain point in the flow and then crashes every time.

This prototype was for a quick demo but I intended to use Studio for a more rounded prototype for a deadline this week. These issues leave me with no confidence whatsoever in the platform to the point where I am migrating to Adobe XD.

I have continuously tried to engage with Studio at all points in the development lifecycle and have had discussions with members of your Enterprise team about more wide scale adoption but basic issues like these and continuous announcements of products (like Studio, V7, etc) which are delayed with no delivery in sight or are riddled with bugs are frustrating to the point of questioning why I am paying for this service and, again exploring other alternatives.

I will say the team over there are always extremely courteous and responsive at every level so I have no issues whatsoever in that regard, the product just needs serious attention for the most basic of tasks. I want the product to be good but promise alone is not enough anymore, it needs to start delivering!



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Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk, InVision Employee , ambassador

Hey Alan,

I'm really sorry to hear about your frustration, especially most recently regarding your mobile issues. I'd love, if you have time, for you to sync up with our Support team so they can dig into why you're experiencing slow loading and crashing. Please keep your eye out for an email from the team, and thanks for taking the time to get in touch and post about your experience.

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