Help plz. Craft duplicate do not make random contents. Duplicate not working.

Craft duplicate do not make random contents. Duplicate not working.

I duplicated the layer (using the craft duplicate tool) filled by Craft Data (using the Data tool), but craft duplicate is not working. I didn't get a random type content.

Does not create random type content on Duplicate.

Why does not it work?

mac 10.13.4
craft 1.0.75
sketch 52.6



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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Songyi,

    Sorry to hear that you're running into issues with Craft Duplicate. Can you please provide the following information so that I can better understand the issues you're running into?:

         1. A screenshot of your "About this Mac" overview.
         2. The version of the Craft Duplicate plugin that you're running.
         3. A screencast or screenshot displaying the issues that you're encountering.

    Look forward to hearing from you,


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    Christina DiMeo

    I'm having this same problem but was assuming I did something wrong. Here are the steps I'm taking: 

    1. Create new text box

    2. Open Data Tab

    3. Select Dates

    Result: Text box changes to random dates

    3. Open Duplicate Tab

    4. Check Vertical, enter 10

    5. Click Duplicate Content Button

    Expected result = Vertical list of random dates

    Actual results =  Vertical list of the same date from step 3.


    (tried again following instructions here: https://support.invisionapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/208434396)

    Mac 10.13.6

    Craft 1.0.56

    Sketch 53


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    I am also having the same issue with Craft v1.0.75 (128) where duplicate is not creating random content. I start by creating a card with a random picture, country, and city all by Craft.

    Then I use Craft's Duplicate tool to duplicate the entire card. 

    The image, country, and city are the same. Please advise, thank you.

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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Christina and Brian,

    Thank you very much for each providing detailed information about this issue. It appears as if this may be related to known issue that our Engineering team is currently working on.

    In order to determine if what you're experiencing is, in fact, the same issue, I will be opening tickets on each of your behalf with our Support team. Our Support team will be reaching out soon requesting any other needed information. Please look for a message from them soon.

    In the meantime, the best workaround I can suggest would be to Duplicate the layer first, and then apply the data from Craft Data plugin - here's a recorded a screencast for your reference. 

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and remaining patient.



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    Thank you for your reply.

    Attached screenshot.

    It seems to be a problem like Christina and Brian.

    I hope it will be resolved soon.

    I want to duplicate the Symbol filled by Craft Data (using the Data tool).
    But the best workaround you suggested to Christina and Brian is inconvenient because not applicable for Symbols. 


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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Songyi,

    Thank you very much for providing those details. I will also open a ticket on your behalf with our Support team so that they can gather all of the information you have provided. They will be reaching out soon with some follow up questions, so please keep an eye out in your inbox.

    Regarding the workaround, you're absolutely correct. This applies more towards Christina's situation with text.

    Hope to get you some answers soon!

    Have a great day,