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InVision ambassador ambassador
Mario Martín
Mario Martín Updated

Adobe XD and Craft

Is there a way to upload AdobeXD files directly to InVision using Craft plugin?


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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Mario,

Thanks so much for writing in with your questions about Craft and XD! Happy to clarify.

At the moment, there's not yet a Craft plugin suite or sync service available for XD. That said, this is most certainly on our Product Team's radar. While I have no ETA or details to provide related to this option, I'm happy to open at ticket on your behalf to track your vote for this functionality. Please look for a message confirming your vote soon. If we have news to share, we'll be sure to notify you through your ticket. 

I want to also let you know about the release of InVision Studio, our screen design tool and newest release with a focus on responsive design. In fact, responsive tooling is a core tenant of the Studio tool itself. This allows a user to easily and rapidly create various versions of the same screen leveraging components and responsive constraints. Welcome to a world where your iPad, iPhone, Android, and Wearable versions can all live inside a centralized design file with very little effort! I highly recommend checking out InVision Studio if you haven't already and downloading here: 

I hope this message reaches you well and provides some deeper insight and clarity. That said, please do let us know if there's anything else we can assist with, and have a great rest of your week!



If anybody else would like to add their vote for this feature, please contact Support here and voice your opinion!

Michael Rhodes
InVision ambassador Michael Rhodes , ambassador

I think with this years update InVision studio and Adobe XD are on a level playing field as latest (UI) design tools. InVision studio does have some interesting extra features that allow the tweaking of animations/transitions in more detail. However, InVision studio is still a little buggy. Plus if you are paying for the Adobe suite already then Adobe XD this is a great tool that could potentially catch up with the functionality and plugins of Sketch in a few years. Currently in my opinion Sketch still runs supreme with regards to UI design, but that's mostly because I'm used to working with it for the last three years. One thing I really hope InVision doesn't do is use opportunities like this to push their product ahead of the competition...  

Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out here in Community, as well as for opening a ticket with our Support team to add your vote to this request. I appreciate the additional feedback you've provided. I went ahead and added this information to your ticket, and notified your Support agent of your comment here in Community. 

We’re constantly working on improvements, and we greatly value opinions like yours. We agree that using InVision should be seamless and enjoyable, and we are constantly working to break down barriers in design. Hearing from customers like you is what helps make InVision products better each day. Thanks again for providing your feedback on this issue.

Have a great day,


InVision ambassador Basavaraj , ambassador

Companies may already have global account for Adobe suite and they push to use the same across all geo's, so need to use Adobe XD and having a Craft plugin for XD make more sense.

Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Thanks for the insight on this issue, Basavaraj! We appreciate you shedding some light on the importance of this potential feature for users like you.

I will open a ticket on your behalf to track your interest for this integration. Please keep an eye out for an email confirming that we've formally tracked your feedback.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions or feedback!

InVision ambassador Sujay , ambassador

Hello Team InVision,


Can you please let us know if there is any development happened over past 8 months of Adobe X to InVision Sync tool?

This is little important and urgent for us.




Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk , ambassador

Hi Sujay,

I don't have an update that I can post publicly at this time. But we’re currently tracking interest for this. If you’d like to add your vote for this feature, please contact Support here and voice your opinion!


Rehan Syed Muhammad
InVision ambassador Rehan Syed Muhammad , ambassador

Very much interested in Craft plugin for Adobe XD.

InVision ambassador Vivian , ambassador

I am also very interested in Craft for Adobe XD. 

XD prototyping is not very good. I love Invision, hope I can come back to it.  

Michael S
InVision ambassador Michael S , ambassador

Hi Rehan and Vivian!

Thanks for expressing your interest in this! At the top of this thread, you will see an option to Add your vote. If you haven't already, please go ahead and click that to add your voice for the Feature Request!


Roy Halevy
InVision ambassador Roy Halevy , ambassador

Add my vote as well :) 

Ian Perriman
InVision ambassador Ian Perriman , ambassador

Why is this not a thing yet? The first ticket was opened January 2019. Seems like Invision are missing a trick here.

Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the feedback! Our Product team are monitoring the interest for Adobe XD support for Craft as they plan for future updates. If you'd like to see this potential feature in the future, please feel free to click the "Add your vote" button on the original post to register your interest. 


InVision ambassador Danielle , ambassador

I'm already convinced there will not be any integration with XD or any other Adobe products which is unfortunately why I had to pull of my projects from InVision. If things change, I may revisit but we must go the direction of our needs with our clients needs and XD is currently the way for them.

Igor Nakonechnniy
InVision ambassador Igor Nakonechnniy , ambassador

why there are no specific answers about integration. You can say no. Or March 2021 ... no accuracy and that's upsetting

Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Danielle and Igor,

Thanks for following up on this thread. We can certainly understand how frustrating it is to wait for a feature that will make a big difference to your workflow. 

Our Product team prioritizes updates and new features based on interest, scope, and impact and this is an ongoing process. I can see that you each already have tickets to add your vote to the feature request for supporting Adobe XD integration, and while we don't have an ETA or updates on this, rest assured that the team is tracking the interest for this as they plan the future roadmap for InVision. 

I'm sorry that I don't have a more satisfying answer for you today, but thank you for bearing with us. 


Loyd Blankenship
InVision ambassador Loyd Blankenship , ambassador

Sadly, we're having to go with Avocode because of no InVision XD support. I used InVision for years at my last organization, and was fully planning on starting to use it at my new one. I can't believe this feature has been ignored for so many years.


Ann Nikolova
InVision ambassador Ann Nikolova , ambassador

I'd gladly pay for a 3rd party plugin for this. If Invision refuses to do it (obviously) I hope somebody else would make it possible. 

Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Ann,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your interest in this feature!

Please ADD YOUR VOTE using the button above so that you can stay in the loop as we have any updates on this.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.



Steven T
InVision ambassador Steven T , ambassador

Add my vote for the XD plugin as well.

Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your feedback! To make sure your vote is counted, please ADD YOUR VOTE using the button above so that you can stay in the loop as we have any updates on this.

Have a wonderful day,



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