Sketch sync frozen while uploading the last artboard

Sketch sync stops while uploading the last artboard, but cannot be finished or showing sync successfully. But all of the artboard is already online and can be viewed on the website, so I can only stop sync manually



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    Dan Macmahon

    Im getting similar... but worse. Now I can't update/sync any artboards as I get an error

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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Dan,

    I apologize for the trouble here! Thanks for reaching out here in Community, as well as opening a ticket with our Support team. It appears as if one of our Support agents has reached out requesting additional information for troubleshooting. Please let me know if you have any issues finding their response in your email. 

    Your Support agent will be able to further assist you in this process as they can take a direct look at your affected prototype(s). We look forward to helping you get this resolved as soon as possible.

    Have a great day,