How to stretch/shrink prototypes to fit screen on InVision iOS app?

I've noticed some changes recently in how my InVision iOS app "runs" prototypes. The screen of my phone is smaller than the artboards in Studio designs. It used to shrink the design, keeping the aspect ratio and introducing side space. Now it looks like it does not resize the prototype, so I only can view a part of the design, having to scroll even for elements/components that are set to 100% width/height.

Is there a setting of some sort to fit the artboard to screen size while running the prototype in the app?

As a designer, I see little point in using the app if you can't simulate/demonstrate real use.



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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Slava,

    Sorry to hear that you're running into issues with your mobile prototypes not automatically resizing in the InVision iOS App. In order to determine what might be going on here, can you please provide the following information?:

         1. What version of the InVision iOS App are you using?
         2. What version of iOS are you running on your device?
         3. Which of our products did you use to create your prototype?
         4. Can you please provide a screenshot displaying the issues you are encountering?

    Look forward to hearing from you,