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Wendy Wendy

Multiple issues with overlays in Builder

Hi there,

I have encountered the following issues multiple times and thought it would be a good idea to share this and see how many people have these same issues.

1. When I want to select an overlay and click on custom placement I have to grab the overlay from the top left of the screen. It would be great if the overlay appears on the hotspot so I don't have to scroll and drag all the time --> Timesaver!

2. A lot of times, after pressing enter when I want to place my overlay and scroll again to the popup to save, it will show a bounding box (blueish) as if I am drawing a hotspot again and it won't be able to save.

3. Sometimes when I want to place an overlay the initial design appears two times on top of each other, as if the design itself is an overlay too. I looks horrible. It won't show up eventually but it makes my eyes hurt and it is difficult to place my overlay correctly.

4. When I want to select a custom placement, a lot of times it keeps it on the centered option in the dropdown, no matter how many times I have changed it and refresh the page.

4. I found out that you have to save your overlay PNG's x2. Which isn't really a problem but it is also unclear when you first start building and creating. Would be nice if this could be more clear/ that it is unnecessary. I also upload the design as a 1x so there is confusion about this.


Hope this is clear enough to work with.

I work on a 15" MacBook Pro (Touchbar) and in Google Chrome (latest)



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Preston McCauley
InVision ambassador Preston McCauley , ambassador

Good Afternoon,

I have a couple of clarifying questions. When you say builder what tool do you mean? Are you using Sketch, Craft, Studio. I must be missing something here but I wasn't able to understand which area you were using with overlays.



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