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UxPin File Conversion

Hi there! I'm working with someone who is transitioning from UXPin back to InVision and wondering if there is a way to move over the UXPin files. My understanding is they are currently an a unique to UXPin format, not sketch or anything like that, so we're looking for a work around to convert them into something digestable in InVision. Any ideas? Thanks! 



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Preston McCauley
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Good Evening,

As of right now I don't see a way that you can export a file, or the individual elements out of UXpin. I've used this tool quite a bit. The only conversions I currently see possible across the eco-system are sketch 43+ to XD, XD to Studio, Studio, Sketch to studio. If there was a way to get coded components out UXpin that would still only probably get you to having html components. So as of now I can't think of any work around either.


Lala Galindo
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I haven't had the opportunity to do this, but this is an interesting topic! Following!



Amelia Jones
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Thanks so much! I haven't had a chance to test this out but I did find this as a possible solution;  it looks like you can export UXpin files into PNG which should be upload-able into InVision - here is what I found on their support page on how to do it: ; and here's our support doc on how to upload them: This may impact the ability to export components and/or use Inspect at the end of the design process though. If anyone tries it let me know the outcome! 


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