Creative ways to use InVision

One of the key benefits I've found to using InVision has been it's flexibility as a tool. From linking user/process flows into prototype screens to finding imaginative ways to utilise InVision's Boards or Freehand features it's often allowed me to use a single tool for multiple aspects of my design process.

I'm interested to know, beyond the usual prototyping and design discussion aspects, what creative ways have you seen InVision used for?



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    Caitlin Cambron

    I've found that using InVision for designing brands, and getting approvals works well. It's been a few years, but my team would create mood boards, design collaboratively, and throughout all of that we would have client involvement. There was a bit of a learning curve, but eventually the client knew InVision tools as well as my team did and we could collaborate super effectively.

    Like you mentioned, it's great to use a single tools (or suite of tools) for many steps of the design process.

    - Caitlin